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Majestic Tiaras for Special Occasions and Festivals


About this product

Romantic tiara in vintage style with golden branches holding leaves, flowers and dragonflies, rhinestones. The matte surface shines in a warm, coppery gold tone. Perfect for wedding dresses with lace, in vintage, boho or hippie style and for all classic princess dresses.


Made in the USA

Gold Tiara Wedding Bride Hair Accessories Dragonfly Headband

  • About Happy Dream Gifts

    Golden Shuttle Inc is a family business born out of the need to create a one-stop solution for people that love modern and uniquely styled accessories to get the look and feel they are after. Good things happen when we connect with our families, friends, and communities while sharing experiences together. At Golden Shuttle Inc, we stay committed to help you create unforgettable memories and inspire fun creative ways through our décor and accessories to make every moment even more joyful.

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