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Improved sizing: The standard size of this mat is now 26" wide! Embrace the sweat. The Scoria Cork mat delivers supreme tract Don't fret the sweat, embrace it. The Scoria Cork mat delivers supreme traction when sweating with no slip.


Features Comes with Scoria's mat carry strap Backed by natural tree rubber unlike other mats with synthetic TPE/PVC ultra-grip with sweat, lose the towel naturally anti-microbial cork surface eliminating odor sustainably harvested perfect for hot yoga, gentle yoga, meditation, stretching for a non-toxic home or practice Spray with water to activate sweat-grip in cold practices until body is warm. Backed by a 1 Year Limited Warranty ~


find details here Specs 72" x 24" | 2.9 kg thickness: 4.5mm (studio) plastic free packaging 100% natural cork and rubber Possible allergens; natural rubber latex.


Scoria Gives

Every purchase makes an impact! Portion of proceeds empower Indigenous youth through play-based education promoting healthy living and life-skills

Botanicals Cork Yoga Mat By Scoria (4.5mm)

  • My name is Yara, and I started Scoria in 2017. Scoria started when I wanted to reconnect with lost creativity after graduating from Fashion School in Toronto. Today, I am a 25 year old designer, artist and a registered yoga teacher. Before starting Scoria, I became more aware of the indirect society pressure to succeed and fit in a world of physical values and rules. I realized that "growing up" can strip us from who we really are and can make us self-conscious to be our real selves, play, express or believe in art again as we did when we were children. With Scoria, I wanted to inspire grown ups with children-inspired art on cork yoga mats to reconnect with their inner-child through creativity and movement. Launching Scoria on Kickstarter and successfully raising over $15,000 to fund the project, I created artistic cork mats from children-inspired stories during the time I was an art teacher. The mats served a purpose of encouraging movement, bodily and mind curiosity, while also staying kind to the planet.

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